People at an office party with blue and yellow decorations

Leap Day

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What would you do with an extra day?

“Did you not grow up with Leap Day William???? He lives in the Marianas Trench. He emerges every four years to trade children’s tears for candy.”

Next Monday (February 29th) is Leap Day, so we get that extra day (take that landlord)! What should we do with it?

This isn’t just your average Monday, it’s Leap Day, it’s an EXTRA DAY. Now, mark your calendars and be sure to use your day to its fullest.

Get out there and do something you haven’t done before or something you’ve always wanted to do. We know we’re going all out to make the most of Leap Day, and we compiled the below guide to help you do the same.



1. Use your extra day to explore an area of the city you’ve never been to. Hop on the Staten Island Ferry for a free excursion to another borough and a priceless view. (fun fact: many riders simply ride the ferry both ways to check out the views without actually visiting Staten Island!)

2. Take the day and go on an adventure to a vineyard. We love Channing Daughters on Long Island.

3. Try something new! Check out Brooklyn Zoo, (a parkour gym, not an actual zoo!) and learn a few parkour moves to help navigate the busy city streets.

4. Ever been to an underground park? The Lowline in the Lower East Side will give you a taste of nature in a reclaimed historic trolly station.



1. Propose to your partner… or even a stranger. It’s a tradition in Ireland for women to propose on Leap Day. If your boo refuses, they have to give you money. Sounds like we’ll be proposing to a lot of strangers on Monday! Hopefully no one says yes….

2. Wear Blue and Yellow to show your 30 Rock super-fandom and prance around throwing out candy like “Leap Day William”.



1. Use your extra day to pamper yourself. Try one of our DIY Winter Hair Remedies, put some cucumbers on your eyes, and relax.

2. Take pampering to another level by treating yourself to a spa day.



1. Get your groove on and feel like a pop star at Banana Skirt Productions, where there is a class called “WTF” featuring dancing to Missy Elliot’s hits. Sign us up!

2. Use your extra day to see a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

3. Cook something healthy. We recommend this delicious and simple Sweet Potato Hash.