Kite Hill Almond Yogurts

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From the Grocery Aisle

It’s hard out there for a dairy-free girl…

Luckily, we never stay down about it too long. We made it our mission to taste test everything that’s out there, and to share products and recipes that help you get the same dairy high, without the whey.

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This time around, our friends at KITE HILL sent over their NEW line of Almond Milk Yogurts for us to sample. They come in an array of flavors including Plain, Vanilla, Peach, Blueberry and Strawberry.

The yogurts are made with local Almonds when possible. They combine the natural flavor of fresh almond milk with the acidity produced by Probiotic cultures that are aged with the milk during production. Then the yogurt is churned into a silky texture and naturally flavored for a delicious, dairy-free result.

We dove in spoon first and to made things easier for you… Here are our favorites:



This was by and large our NUMBER 1. The texture was creamy and the Blueberry flavor was rich and prominent, with fresh blueberries churned throughout. We immediately thought this flavor would be perfect for a morning yogurt bowl topped with granola, fresh fruit, coconut and some chia seeds or would make for a great combination with coconut whipped cream and berries for an easy trifle at your next dinner party.



Tried and true, the simple flavors of the Vanilla yogurt really shined through. You can see the bits of fresh vanilla bean as soon as you peel back the lid. The texture was creamy and light. This yogurt would be perfect to add to your morning smoothie, or as a simple mid-day snack topped with fresh almonds.


KITE HILL is available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide!

For more information on their new line of Almond Yogurts, click here.