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It’s Summer, it’s hot, the AC is broken, and you’re about to have a melt down (get it?! Cuz it’s hot…) You’re probably thinking, how could it get any worse? But then, you get a text – “see you in an hour!” …Oh right, that potluck dinner!

Have no fear, the by CHLOE. team is here! We’re helping you navigate the farmer’s market; what you need for dinner, and what you should be hoarding for yourself.

We’ll even give you recipes and tips to keep in your back pocket, because we’re nice like that!



The tomato might not be your flashiest friend, but she’s definitely the most reliable. Whether purchasing common varieties like plum, grape or cherry, or splurging on beautiful heirlooms, all tomatoes are sure to add color and sweetness during their peak summer ripeness. Try grilling slices of multigrain and top with sliced tomatoes for easy summertime hors d’oeuvres, or try a bright and refreshing gazpacho perfect for surviving the summer rays. Another easy fav is, sliced tomatoes sprinkled with flaky sea salt. It’s that simple.

Season’s greetings: Summer is the season of the tomato!

Hey good lookin’: Look for plump, fragrant tomatoes tender to the touch and heavy for their size. Buy local whenever possible!

Keep em fresh: Keep tomatoes at room temp until ripe and enjoy within 1-2 days. Remember, never refrigerate, as they will lose their delicious flavor!



Beets are often thought of as the supporting actress in the “Best Dish of the Year” category, but we’re okay with that because fresh beets can liven up a plain summer salad. Peel, slice, grate or even roast ‘em for maximum flavor and sweetness, and throw them into the mix. While at it, your avocado toast game could probably use some sprucing up too. Try our a simple smashed avocado crostini topped with roasted beets for a new spin on a beloved classic.

Season’s greetings: Beets come into season in late spring and stay through fall- yay!

Hey good lookin’: Look for beets that are tender and not too big with smooth skin. Though tempting, stay away from oversized varieties, baby beets are typically best.

Keep em fresh: The greens should be cut from the root preserving at least an inch of stem and place in individual plastic bags. The roots will last at least a month but the greens should be enjoyed within a few days.



There’s nothing like biting into a juicy peach on a hot summer day. A few simple preparations and peaches transform from tasty snack to dinner party crowd pleaser. Grill and serve with ice cream, or muddle with mint and top with prosecco for refreshing bellinis.

Season’s greetings: Peaches shine the brightest during the warm months of July and August.

Hey good lookin’: Stay away from rock hard peaches with any cuts or blemishes and make sure the flesh is nice and tender. The perfect peach will give off a sweet, fragrant smell.

Keep em fresh: Keep refrigerated and enjoy for up to 5 days.